Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last Cast On - Sweater for ME!

And the last thing to be cast on is a solid sweater for me. I plan 3/4 length sleeves but there's plenty of time to change my mind since I've barely begun. YES, I have a huge amount of yarn stashed in my sewing room. This year I vow to knit more yarn than I purchase. So far, I'm not doing too well. The new yarns just call me so loudly!

Next! Placemats!

To avoid trashing our new oak table, cotton placemats in cheerful yellow will act as protectors. Here's the first one in seed stitch, solid yellow and then multi color stripes in seed stitch. The Bernat yarn is from my stash, of course.

Third Cast on

Also on Friday, I cast on new socks for me! The yarn is from my stash, purchased in Washington when visiting Mom. I've enjoyed looking at it since late February, now it's time to knit! I'm knitting toe up as all knitters can tell.

Second Cast On

I finished dubbing Kristine's tapes and will use these cotton washcloths to help pad the package on Monday the 20th. Camera cassettes and DVDs will be mailed together.

Friday's Cast Ons

Since my Easter socks were finished, I gave myself permission to cast on new projects. As always, I'm "the ultimate multi-tasker" according to hubby. He would know! For 36 years he's been worried I'm going to sit on some knitting needles!

The first cast on is an infant sweater.

Easter Socks are Finished!

I finished these socks on Friday, April 17th and gave myself permission to cast on!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Progress on Easter Socks

It's dark and rainy here today so tough to get good light. However, the doggie let me borrow her room for photographing progress of the second sock. They're so plush and soft!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Red Blooms for Easter

The petals began to open on Saturday. Look what happened for Easter Sunday!

Sweet Corn in South Texas?

I won't be wearing the Easter socks soon: first, they aren't knit yet, and second, it's 90 degrees in South Texas already! I planted all my birthday present seeds and am hoping that the corn doesn't burn up by June. The plants are already 10 inches tall! And again, the amazing gigantic pupmkin plants just keep getting bigger!

Easter Knitting

While many knitters focus on knit chicks and ducks around Easter time, I received new sock yarn from a thoughtful daughter! So, I'm knitting socks for ME of super plush Regia subtle striping sock yarn. Here's what I've done so far!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Knit Toys Take a Fall

The game goes like this. First, Baby drops the toys. Next, someone retrieves the toys. Last, Baby drops the toys again.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knit Toys

We needed something quiet for baby to manipulate during an hour long Mass so this is the beginning of "toys for church." The cloth books are already used and he loves them so I didn't photograph them. These little critters are new!