Thursday, May 31, 2012

Freedom for #12

When I loaded up number 12 into the wagon four more squirrels scolded me and ran through our Cottonwood trees!  My work is not done yet!  Something ate a nasturtium in our edible garden!

Squirrel #12

one in cage, one on fence scolding me and then running uphill towards Oak Street

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Squirrel #11

hmmmmmm the sign doesn't have squirrels but we know they are there!  They are all over our city!!
lovely new home!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Walk

on the upper right of the video is a mama duck with her teeny, tiny ducklings; the blue heron is spectacular!
 wild roses
 very little snow remaining

Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's Saturday!

enjoying strawberry and banana smoothies
 during quilt class, I assembled a place mat for our back patio table and will make another before machine quilting them
 new sock yarn; finished striped socks
cast on for Doc

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day3: Squirrel #2

left paw is missing; neighbor told me about his trap catching the paw; squirrel is NOT handicapped!  see him run! He also climbs perfectly and chases off others!  I named him Gimpy and Jeff was sure he would eventually get into our trap.

Wagon Uses

This family hauls all kinds of fun things in their wagons!!

Havaheart Day 3: Squirrel #1

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 2: Squirrel #3

hmmmmmmmmm... maybe stay out of this bird feeding area
Road crews were all over the Stanley Lake entrances so this boy went to the park on 106!

Day 2: Squirrel #2

no sympathy, one in cage and the other calmly eating
squirrel is safe at Stanley Lake

Haveaheart Day 2: Squirrel #1

he will travel to Stanley Lake in a few minutes
This morning there were three squirrels under the bird feeder and one on the patio.  Soon we will enjoy a squirrel free garden and will be able to knit at the patio table without a squirrel joining us!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Squirrel #5 Is Happy!

Squirrel #5

Squirrel #4

Could this one be the Bully?  Notice one is calmly eating while "Bully" is trapped and totally unhappy being in the haveaheart!  For the three prior trapped successes this morning, the free squirrels would hang on the fence or scold me.  They sure weren't eating!  And Bully fought the cage the entire trip to Lake Ketner, even with the towel on the cage to minimize human smells!

Where Is Squirrel #4?

cage was tripped, no one inside but FIVE in the yard! The most brave remains near the cage eventho I made noise opening the back door!
this visitor is new and is missing part of one front paw; our cage will not harm the critters
they love the peanut butter and birdseed treat inside the cage!
waiting patiently for squirrel #4


had to lose a belt loop!  as well as an excess of two inches in the waist! Go, Doc!!

Squirrel #3

 this guy is empathic to #3 but isn't about to venture too close! 
 wagon ride to Ketner where LOTS of squirrels play!

this one was so strong that when I unlocked the door flap, he scampered out by pushing open the door!  the walks are gorgeous...........perfect weather and lovely yards!

Squirrel #2

#2 ran up this tree!!  ha ha!
who is happiest? my garden, the birds, the patio table??


for me!  center part of the sweater is the back, left front is on the right and parts of two sleeves are on the left! am knitting raglan sleeves, longer length, and no zipper so have lots of mods

Freedom at Ketner Lake

He took a wagon ride to Ketner Lake and upon release was so excited that at first he ran into the ravine with water, then was totally at home in his new environment. 
trap set again and so far not a squirrel in sight; neighbor tells me the squirrel will release a stress scent

Havaheart Squirrel Trap

silent one in the cage, trying to escape, other five who visit our patio and bird feeder and garden are LONG gone tho one in the tree is scolding me!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Early Morning View of Back Yard

 lots of apples
 knitting, patio table, view of edible garden
 squirrel nest
pine trees
 gooseberry bush
grape vine
 gardening pot, crocs, new socks, flowers that escaped squirrel mouths!
yet another bird nest!