Thursday, July 31, 2014

Knitting In Public

Doc took us out to eat at Las Margaritas last night and we ate too much, as usual. I'm knitting on socks, as part of my instruction tomorrow for Adult Sock Knitting Class.  And yes, I'm wearing a cardigan; it reached the high of 62 degrees yesterday!  I LOVE hand knits!!!  We live in the perfect climate!

Still Raining

 awesome view from Santa's workshop
 the ground is so saturated; sunflowers are collapsing!

 This huge sunflower towers over the 6' fence!

 sunflowers falling!
 Cosmos and two more huge sunflowers
 more blooms in the front yard; not sure what the purple blossom is
 Black Eyed Susans
 thanks to the rain and rabbits, our plants are getting mashed
 purple "no name" again
 another purple flowering shrub in front, not sure of its name
 in front, a blossom beginning!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Rain and Cooler Temps

The rain hardly crimps our style!! It's much cooler, only 64 degrees when I returned from work. We love it!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Marvelous Monday

Bunnies are visible during the early morning, then they sort of disappear. 
Evening rain and much cooler temps!  Regardless, Doc is grilling!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Squirrel #63

Ew! Five pincer bugs ran off his body!!!

Fun At "The Barn"

 outside in the evenings after work, sipping, knitting, chatting, grilling......
 great steak from Costco, using grilling method from Omaha Steaks............

 always knitting...........
 lighting candles, admiring fallen leaves to remind us of Fall.............
 lots or gardening and eating from our garden..............
delicious breakfast after Mass; yesterday was Jesus' grandparents feast day so Fr. David said a special prayer for all of us grandparents.  After the prayer, Jeff asked me, "So where are our presents?"
 regular walks about Lake Ketner.......................

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dear Brooklyn

Hi Brooklyn,   Molly is borrowing your pink watering can until you can visit and do this task.  Please leave doll Brooklyn at home because when you leave our house, your hands will need to take home your new watering can!  You can play with some of my dolls while here.  Is that okay? I can't wait to see you and your cute brothers!   Love, Gramma

#62 Is Ugly!

Molly says, "He smells funny and has pincer bugs on him!"  Ewww

View from Santa's Workshop

It's lush and green! Everything is growing well in spite of record high temps.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sasha Doll's Long Day

Molly is tired of being cooped up in Santa's Workshop.  She wants to go OUT!!  "Is Brooklyn here yet? I want to play with her!"  No, not until next month, Aug. 5th.
 It stopped raining! Time to inspect the gardens!  What a big pumpkin!!
 The grapevine is awesome; where are the teeny grapes?
 Finally, the sunflowers are blooming.
 Brooklyn can climb the Honey Crisp apple tree with me!
 Hey! It's growing but still too green to be tasty!
Can I climb the trellis?  I won't disturb the Morning Glories!  Let's go check the mailbox!
Yay! Our new sock yarn arrived super fast!
Grampa made lime sherbet!  Too bad I have to be patient while it thaws just a bit.  I can't dig any out of the container yet!  Hurry, Brooklyn, or it will be gone before you arrive!!

#61 Is Transplanted

Yikes! The cage tipped over in the rear of the Forester and I feared he'd be romping throughout the car!! We made it to the park and he is happily causing chaos elsewhere.