Monday, February 28, 2011

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It's official! We are coloradians!


The sellers accepted our offer on The Barn, our next compound! Inspection is Thursday. More details forthcoming as we know them. The third time really is a charm!
Jeff managed to get his driver's license and also license plates on both cars today! His Honda is 540 WTG which means way to go!
My Focus is 541-WTG, also way to go!!

John Jeffrey Says.................

"Brooklyn, you are so pretty." Indeed! Out of the mouths of babes.........................


These two are adorable!! Can't wait for grandbaby #3 to arrive this summer! YES, I am so spoiled!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Will block it tomorrow when I can leave it alone to dry.

Efficient Doc

This man really can multi-task too!! Here he is, cleaning the oven, checking news via computer, and making breakfast of cheese omelets and pancakes! Delicious breakfast, Jeff!

St. Joseph

He is buried and the prayers are for the sale of homes on Franklin Street, Gibson Street, and Bellac Street.

Colorado Driver's License

Yeah! I'm officially licensed in our new state!! It was a LOT of work!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Older brother on the left is smoking a choice cigar! Younger and taller brother is listening to facts............................

Scarf and Barn

A place to walk and stay warm near our new home. Today was a perfectly lovely and sunny day. So today we drove to Northern Colorado to look at a few more homes. We chose a "barn" of the 7 choices!! As we toured the neighborhood, we noticed that this architecture was not uncommon at that time and there were more than a dozen homes built like a "barn". Pictures of "barn" will follow if we indeed get this home. So far, this is the third time we've placed earnest money so yes, the third time is a charm. Just wait!In our new neighborhood, there is a nice lake and some wonderful walking trails.
Some interesting totem poles were at one corner of the walking trail.
Soooooo tall.........
For those who don't know me, I knit very fast and all the time. While a passenger going to and from homes to view, I knit this scarf.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Computer Quirks

I can't upload pics onto ravelry today! Not sure why. However, I'm wearing newly finished socks, bound off this morning, and love the dual strand of merino wool with aloe and nylon. So comfy! White Lightening thinks so too.

En Route to Houston

The little pouch holds soap; this is handmade soap from Whole Foods. The pouch has a turkish cast on, cables, eyelet row for drawstring, and ruffle with picot edge bindoff.
Little grandson is all grown up (ha!) and even asked for a library card. He's all of 28 months old!! So I know that anything I send to his Mommy might be sampled by him. That includes special soap and a pouch for bath and relax time. This example is completely child safe with nothing to remove and possibly end up in a toddler's mouth. I just hope Mommy gets to enjoy it once in awhile.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Knitting While Reading

I'll mail this soap sack to a darling daughter. Her little son loves to get mail and daughter always likes to share with him. The handmade soap is found at our Whole Foods store. Somehow I thought all Knitters (not new knitters) read while knitting on mindless parts of a project. I found out recently that no, most do not, and that I am unusual that way. I knit many a pair of mittens in the movie theater while a pre-teen, and knit many rows of a sweater while in college studying for a foreign language exam. Hmmmmmmm!
Received my teaching schedule and have a day off so went to the library. The above dishcloths are easy knits to do while reading.

Knitting and Reading

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goodbye to House #2

Not kind at all!! A certain bank, who shall remain nameless, auctioned off our house today!! So, why was it on the market and listed as "bank approved" and "quick sale?" We know the earnest $$ will be returned, but still!! I need to go knit!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Socks

She's knitting her first socks ever, using the Turkish cast on, and doing a fabulous job! Every knitter at Colorful Yarns was working on gorgeous projects and it's such fun to see.

Leftover Sock Yarn

The cute blue spruce in the far corner, without much snow, is my favorite photo spot.
Our snow is mostly gone. We LOVE Colorado!!

Newly Baptized

What a great looking group of family and friends! Brooklyn's godfather, Charles, is nearest the Easter candle. Brooklyn is asleep in her Mom's arms, John Jeffrey is missing nothing while in his Dad's arms, and little Jamie is standing so nicely next to her Mom, Brooklyn's godmother. I tried hard to capture part of the video where Brooklyn was sound asleep and was abruptly awakened with the pouring of water on her head. With each of the three pours, her limbs became increasingly animated and was the cutest and funniest sight! Alas, I couldn't succeed. Her little body was just too active and quick so all I got was a blur!
Here's the newest member of the Catholic church being her cute little self at home. You did great yesterday, Brooklyn!

Box For Yarn

I could hear slight noises but couldn't see a thing until I looked under the computer desk where I had a box for some yarn. He is the CUTEST and no, Bev, I won't need one of my own because Pam has authorized permanent visitation rights.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Join Us for Sock Class

I'll be teaching a sock class tomorrow night at Colorful Yarns and all are welcome to join. It can be a KAL if you choose to attend on-line! You may contact me via for any questions or clarifications; I am nomacustom. I like toe up because regardless of needle size (you can choose 1, 2, or even size 3), you get to try on the sock as you increase for the toe and it will be a great fit.
If you can, watch the turkish cast-on video prior to coming to class. This is the most comfortable toe!
I'll use these materials for the class but you can choose your own preference of sock yarn and dpns size: 1, 2, or 3. The blue Wisdom yarn above will become Jeff's Easter socks.
And this is just one idea of how to use up leftover sock yarn!! I'm wearing this colorway and love it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Baptism, Brooklyn

Thank you, Kristine, for the cell phone pic to tide me over! Brooklyn becomes a member of the Catholic church today and is blessed to have her godfather Charles (from New York) and her godmother Jennifer (from Washington state) present for this once in a lifetime occasion.

Brooklyn's baptismal gown and slip are heirlooms and hand embroidered from the Philippines. There were two sets at the beginning because my parents began parenthood with twin girls. Unfortunately, one of the sets is missing.

All seven of my parents' babies were baptized in these gowns, as were Sean and Kristine (our two children), along with John Jeffrey in 2008 (grandson) and now six month old Brooklyn, our precious granddaughter. Happy Baptism, Brooklyn!

Not a Travel Knit

This is such a cute doll by Debbie Bliss but definitely not a project I can knit as we travel and as I read. There are yarn color changes galore and the torso and head have constant increases. The striped legs (long knee socks) are adorable! My dollie has red and white striped socks and might have a dress of Christmas yarn. Or she might have more than one dress because little girls LOVE to have changes of clothing. I can't wait for Brooklyn to visit me and play dolls with her Gramma!

Yarn for Doc and Knitter

Most of this year's projects will belong to me and Jeff as we accrue plenty of wool clothing. We don't mind the change in climate due to having appropriate outerwear.

Exploring Northern Colorado

While NOT a great photographer, I take enough pictures to jog memories of a fun day. We LOVE Colorado!We heard some reminders of Corpus Christi and Edinburg with audible "vente" and "ese" as we were out and about. However, the terrain was nothing similar to South Texas.Windsor Park in Westminster is gorgeous!
Park, yarn, and a picnic lunch. Perfect!
Yes, it was a very chilly picnic!
We tried to sit in the sunny part; the picnic table was secured and could not be shoved into the sunniest area.
Soon our little grandson and granddaughter will be hanging here with us!