Thursday, March 31, 2011


Fun Mail and Skype

The grands mailed me special artwork and I LOVE it! So then we had to skype; it's fun to see Brooklyn clapping and eating and spitting. Yes, she does a lot of spitting. John Jeffrey is non stop and such a chatterbox. While skyping, I knit on Mom's second sock.

Progress on Mom's Pedicure Socks

Have Table -- Not a Camera

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Assembling Table

The movers took apart every table and every lamp; here is my dining room table!

Fond Memories - Still Unpacking

Guess who diapered this lamb?! Thank you John Jeffrey! It was last May and Lamb went into a box soon after that!

Evening In The Barn

The Barn is a Dutch Colonial style home in Westminster, Colorado. We love it!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Live Christmas Tree 2011

Get ready Jerome!! You and Jeff are cutting down one of these for Christmas at the Barn! The pines are too close together to do well so let's recycle!

Camera Still "Lost"

But internet rocks! It's in the basement but reaches the second floor just fine!

Skyping and Knitting

Kristine flew home to Houston last night with littles; Jerome is still in Manhattan briefly, then to DC. I'm knitting lace socks.

Progress of Informal Dining Area

Monday, March 28, 2011

Camera Still "Lost"

But I found American Girl Julie!!

Another Move -- 1984


Our cars were in the garage this morning when snow began to fall!
My camera is somewhere................................. so we are using cell phone pics to document this fun time.

Wee Bit of

We Moved March 27

Thank You, Pam

You are wonderful!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank You, Ruth

What a fun afternoon! I so appreciate your kindnesses and the lovely plants will remind me of our time together. As Jeff and I cook in our new kitchen, we will remember your thoughtfulness. Thank you!

Hailing On A Heel

This is the second time this week that we've had a bit of hail! Earlier this week, they were the size of peas and bounced off of the window and as they hit the lawn. Today's was very tiny and the little pebbles bounced when they hit the lawn. I tried to capture them on the heel of this sock but alas, it has already become sunny with the delightful scent of ozone in the air.

Grands In New York

John Jeffrey and Brooklyn are in New York with parents and Nana. Wish they could come to Westminster next!!

Sweater For Youngest Grand

Okay, Yohaira! The buttons are sewn on and I'll mail it today.
I can't wait to see my three grandchildren together! Maybe some year we can all gather at the Barn. We are supposed to close tomorrow; can it be real? We are very excited! Offer was made Feb. 26th, and to close on March 25? Less than a month from start to finish!? We sure hope so! So far, all looks positive.

Early Morning Knitting

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rudolph Almost Lost

He LOVES this Rudolph hat!! Mommy reports that this morning, in New York City, he thought he lost his hat and was totally distressed.

I can verify; he wears this hat exclusively. Here we are in December, in Houston, eating and wearing our favorite hats!
So, while buying Alexander buttons for his newborn cardigan, I purchased more brown washable yarn for both grandsons!

Buttons For Alexander

The sweater is size six months. Do you want me to mail it early, Yohaira?