Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cotton Sports Short Cuff Socks

This mostly cotton yarn came from The Modern Ewe and is working up quickly. I like it but doubt I'll use it again; so many other choices are more favorable in my opinion.

Knitting in Denver

While visiting the local yarn stores, I purchased a few skeins for gift socks. I knit these while traveling to various places in Colorado.

Travel Knitting

Socks are a great travel knit, in a car as well as on a plane. Plus, I'm knitting everyone socks for Christmas! Here are Yohaira's socks, knit in the car driving to Houston and then on the plane flying to Denver from Houston.

Corpus Christi on September 26, 2009

We are home!!

Hubby and I participated in the beach clean up and gave tons of mosquitos a real feast!

Heading for Home

We landed in Houston Hobby and visited the cute family again, if only for a brief time. It's always GREAT to visit them!!

Snow on September 21, 2009

The higher elevations were supposed to get some snow, enough to frost the peaks. However, we were all surprised when snow fell throughout the cities. Denver airport had serious delays, many people were happy about the unpredicted event, and luckily for us, our flight was on the 22nd, not on the 21st.


These three siblings haven't had a chance to get together for about seven years. One brother lives in Corpus Christi, the other brother lives in Centennial, and their sister lives near Des Moines.

Gardens at Washington Park

In spite of all the flowers, the only insects around us were a few bees looking for nectar. The gardens were well tended and we enjoyed a glorious walk through the blossoms.

Another Picnic

This was at lovely Washington Park, Colorado.

Noon Mealtime

Estes Park

One of our favorite things to do is enjoy lunch outside, without 115 degrees, without 99% humidity, and without an assortment of flying and creeping bugs. In Colorado, we could enjoy that every day of our visit.
Here we are at the entrance to Estes Park, and then on to enjoy some outdoor meals.

Colorado Sights

While away from Texas, we enjoyed different scenery and thoroughly enjoyed the change. Here are some of the mountain range, as well as the Colorado River.

Knitting during the Wedding Reception

Yes, I knit almost all the time. However, I did not knit during the ceremony, probably due to the video camera occupying my hands. The reception was a great gathering, a place to visit and knit!

More Family in Colorado

Some of the family lives in Colorado. It seemed like a mini reunion of sorts.


Our niece's wedding was in Morrison, CO on September 19th. What fun to see so many family members!

Playing MarioKart with Kids

Electronic games can be such fun! Grown kids are also a LOT of fun!!

Fun September!!

We have been having way too much fun for just one family! We started the month with a short visit to play with our grandson and his parents. Note the knitting bag in the background; I'm knitting everyone socks for Christmas and they are the perfect travel knit.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The original TOFUtsies Skein!

Here is how I prefer the skein to look!

Sock Knitting Helper

I was gone just a few minutes to check emails and returned to my sock to find the skein in shambles. Puppy is quick!! The sock was left untouched, fortunately, because I have never been able to pick up dropped yarn overs............ It took me an hour to salvage the TOFUtsies skein and roll it into usable balls! The socks will be gorgeous though so I'm happy!

New Knitting Helper

We adopted a "two year old" female dog on September 4th and knew immediately that she is just a wee puppy. She acts like a 6-8 month old! Here she is helping me when I didn't know it!