Friday, April 30, 2010

Vacation Socks are Done

They have a long lacey cuff, and were knit all over Houston, during a morning breakfast with baby, during a quiet dinner with Daughter, at home with a glass of wine and tv in the background, in front of Baby (owie, Namaa, when he saw all the pointed dpns) on the bay window of the second floor..................

Birthday Socks

They won't by finished by May 4th, his birthday, but the striping is gorgeous! Thanks for the yarn, Kristine!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Success! At 18 months of age, this baby is an expert!

Bubbles with Grandson

Bubbles and Knitting bag are on the pavement, cute dogs are peeking from the gate; Grandson with bubbles wins my attention every time!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Socks!!

Alas, it's time to go home. I cast on these simple socks to knit at the airport and in flight. Love the colorway! Love the patterning!!

Birthday Yarn Boot Socks

Done and I love them!!

The BEST LYS Ever!

If in Houston, you must visit Yarns 2 Ewe! Be prepared to spend at least an hour, and take your allowance with you!!

Cute Family

We're missing one handsome dude but he's still in Europe for work. Next time...........

Grampa Came to Visit

Park Play

We spend a lot of time at the park!

New Baby Knits

Special daughter, Kristine, is doing super with pregnancy number 2 and already knitting sweet leggings for baby Brooklyn, due in August.

Here she is trying to knit while being tempted with freshly baked cookies. Grow Brooklyn, grow!

Biggest Chess Game Ever

Playing chess with Grandson! These pieces were quite large yet lightweight so Toddler Grandson could tip them and move them around. Yes, that's my pumpkin colored knitting tote in the background.

Knitting on Vacation

Yes, I had the BEST two weeks ever, playing with a delightful eighteen month old chatterbox who also happens to be the most adorable grandson in the world. As always, I have knitting nearby and Grandson says, "owie" while pointing to the double point needles. He also says, "Namaa's stuff, yarn" related to the knitting. I thoroughly enjoyed frequent breaks from knitting to play with this cute toddler.

Here we are having a special mid-morning breakfast. Note the knitting at hand but crayons with Grandson take priority.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Continental Knitting

I've tried countless times to become quicker with continental style knitting but always revert back to my self-taught English style because I'm so quick. This morning I watched Jennifer Ackerman's video about four times in efforts to copy her hands, how they hold the yarn and adjust tension, and how to switch from knit to purl to yo to ssk. Okay, to force myself to become faster, Jeff's scarf will be knit with continental knitting. I'm using Stephanie Pearl-McPhee scarf pattern and here's the start. It's hard to describe how clumsy my hands feel and must look!

Visit Grandson

Tomorrow I fly to visit Big Kids and baby grandson. So yesterday, I went for a Swedish massage to take care of "knitter's shoulders" and all the other small aches and pains. I promised myself I wouldn't lift grandson very much! Ha! As always, knitting goes with me and I plan to finish these socks at the airport and en route.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Real Zoe, Lolo

Here are the live doggies, playing in the backyard with special toddler.

Lolo Knit Puppy and Taggies Blankie

I get to visit Toddler grandson this Wednesday and can hardly wait. He is such a fun baby and so interactive with his "Namaa." Plus, he shares his house with two huge sisters, the four legged kind. One knit pup is finished, complete with dog collar and Taggies blankie, and resembles Lolo (aka Zoe), the blonde family dog. And yes, I will eventually knit a black pup, as soon as I find where my black yarn is stored.

Due to his age, there are no buttons to fasten the blankie. If he wants that option in the future, it can easily be modified. Things have to be easy and simple or busy Mom will be working even harder to help fasten things on toys. No need for that right now!

Friday, April 9, 2010

More Friday Projects

Since I always knit in public, in the car as a passenger, and while waiting in lines, etc., I'm getting a lot done today. Baby's puppy (from Itty Bitty Toys) will be so cute! And the first sock is nearly done.

He's Home

Hubs and I are doing errands, enjoying lunch (thanks for the anniversary gift to son and dil) and catching up on life. While eating salad and pasta for lunch, I'm knitting on my sock!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birthday Yarn

Okay, I'm the most spoiled birthday woman! This is such a cool colorway and these socks will go with all my wardrobe. I wanted the fabric tight so am using size 1 dpns. In spite of the small needles, the sock is going quickly; I'll knit until hubby's late flight lands. Can't wait for him to be home as he will have lots of fun news to share!

Cold Front and New Socks

I finished knitting the second sock yesterday and then a cold front blew in!! Our temps had been in the high 80s so wool socks aren't needed. What a surprise! I get to wear these today.........instead of waiting for winter; that's November where I live!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Reversible Bunny and Duck

Baby LOVES his Easter present of knitted Reversible Bunny and Duck. In December, his favorite taggies blanket was lost in travels, in New York, I think, and parents had to search madly for a replacement. Just in case Bunny/Duck becomes a favorite, I wanted to have a back up, a second one, just in case #1 gets lost. Here he is, just as cute as the original.

Mud and Park Sweater Update

I haven't knit on this in a very long time................. no reason, just a fact. Today I decided to finish the back and I probably could if needed but think I'll go to bed instead. I can finish the back tomorrow.
I knit the sleeves first and they have been done for over a month. The cute cardigan has pockets, a collar, as well as the right and left fronts. It shouldn't tke long to finish.

Knitting Always Helps

Received notice via mail yesterday that I must report to Jury Duty on April 19th. The e ticket was purchased a looonnngg time ago and is for the 14th with plans to stay a couple of weeks. It's so hard to talk to a person these days! First I tried the on-line services and the options did not apply to my circumstances so I was denied rescheduling.

This morning I phoned the 888 number, three different times and finally got a human voice, was put on hold, then a human voice again! Whew, the reschedule is for May 24th so I can plan to stay in Houston as was the original decision.

During this phone and wait and phone again, I knit a few rows on Brooklyn's hooded cardigan.

Day Is Complete

It's only 8:42 AM but after having skyped with Daughter and Grandson, the day is perfect!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lonely Bathtub

Many hours were spent this past weekend, camped on the floor while supervising the littlest swimmer. He's also a great bubble blower! It's sure quiet without the small chatterbox!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Frightening Frog

Knit toys are so cute but this one scared our 18 month old grandson so is tucked away for later. In no time, it will be something fun to THROW!! Yeah, it looks sort of dead with those long, limp limbs!

Knitting To Avoid Missing Family

So, to avoid being sad when the family left, I've been knitting and finishing some wips (works in progress). Finished some socks this evening. Am also very happy that Grandson likes his knitted reversible toy so much that he requested THAT instead of Blankie to fall asleep on the return trip.

Kids Returning Home

Easter weekend went so quickly! We were so busy having fun at the Park, in our yard with the football, coloring eggs (and EATING one while coloring some!), going to Mass, having an egg hunt, and then suddenly, the time was gone and the kids had to return home. Work on Monday was calling them!

Happy Easter

Easter 2010 is a most Joyous Easter! After Mass (with 5 Baptisms, all beautiful) we came home for pancakes. Hubby makes the BEST cakes! See how happy we are?