Friday, June 30, 2017

My Garden, Lake Ketner

 Move along! Hurry, Bunny!!
 Dead heading old blooms and making seeds.  

 New bench near the "beach".
 Still a bit of snow on the peaks.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Walk, Garden, Knit, Mail

 The Pollinators' Paradise is growing nicely.
 potted flowers
 Summer again
Knitting until the mail arrived!  Oh boy!

Front Garden

It's so gorgeous and tranquil.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Do What We Love, Love What We Do

 Our neighborhood had a garage sale and Doc found some new toys.  He repairs
 lawn mowers and snowblowers.  He LOVES doing this!
 He loves finding little tricks on the internet; he cores the strawberries with a large opening straw.
 The greenbelt is luscious and often tranquil.  Sometimes I'm the only walker.
Doc bought their neglected mower for $5.00!  Both teens now have braces! Time flies!!
 My sewing class was ages 12 - 69 and all are great.
 Broncos man (recipient of the $200 socks!!) is sewing a grocery tote.
The wee one is most gutsy and creative; no surprise to me.
Breakfast after Sunday Mass is the BEST!
 I could live in these gardens!!
 The edible sunflowers are starting to bloom and to attract ladybugs.
 The backyard is a work in progress.  Blooms are visible in the new Polinators' Paradise.
AND, patches of new grass are growing before the bunnies and birds and squirrels feast on the seeds!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Little Winter, Big Mail Deliveries

 Rain finally arrived; it's 48 but feels like 43! We have rain, not snow!!
 My gardens are loving the moisture.
 I receive most fun mail every day! The littles draw pictures; the big kid uses cursive!!
I started my walk in a hooded sweatshirt but..... damp and 49 degrees convinced me to return home for a winter coat.  Our world is beautiful!
The best part about June is the plant growth.  All is beautiful.