Friday, December 31, 2010

Practical Christmas Gifts

We both received a set of these to wear and walk, not slip and slide, on snowy ventures. They are great! There's no danger of falling or sliding unless you miss a curb due to too many inches of snow.
This was our second walk today, getting the mail, and passing the angel from this morning. It has been at least 30 years since I made a snow angel!! We're still wearing our ice trekkers on the second walk. But it warmed up a few degrees; it's now 8 instead of -3.

We both received wool sock yarn for Christmas; here's Jeff wearing his chocolate cake socks.

Thank You, Kristine!

Thank you for the yarn, Kristine! I wear hand knits a LOT these days!

Snow Angel

Shoveling Again

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jeff Shoveling Steps

Time to Shovel

It's now mid-afternoon, less than four hours since the first snowflake.

Walking to King Supers

One and a Half Hours Later

Blizzard Begins

It is supposed to keep snowing until Saturday. The Canadian geese are NOT happy!

Chocolate Layer Cake Socks

This is the tenth pair (it is the 28th pair of adult socks I've knit this year! next year will be sweater year!) of hand knit socks this year for the Hunky Doc. He names them!!! I'm sure we can all understand why this pair is called "chocolate layer cake" socks.

Multi-tasking and Knitting, Of Course

I'm knitting my new sock yarn (for me!!), eating lunch, watching Splash on the computer, and doing laundry downstairs.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home in Colorado

We are missing family but alas, it was time to return home. We are back to reality. Thank you Sean and Yohaira, Kristine and Jerome, Brooklyn and John Jeffrey! This was the best Christmas ever!! The weather can get fierce as long as I can call in "snow" and have yarn to knit! This was my Christmas yarn from Jeff.
We flew home yesterday, very uneventful flights. It was funny to see so little snow in Oklahoma and New Mexico while the East Coast was in chaos with the piles of snow drifting in residential areas and the airports. We are supposed to get ours tomorrow and look forward to the fun since Jeff is off for four days. Yes, we'll walk our usual twice a day and wear our boots!!

More Park Fun

Houston's Slow Wet Slide

Park Fun in Houston

Sideways Parade to Houston Park

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Jeff and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary with family; the BEST way to celebrate any special occasion. I have tons of cute pics to blog but will finish tomorrow, once we arrive home in Colorado. This has been the best Christmas ever!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Driving from Corpus to Houston

Kristine and Jerome loaned us their Lexus for the drive to Corpus to visit Sean and Yohaira. Regardless of the comfy ride, it's a long ass ride of four hours! It is sooooooooooo boring! So I knit half a man's sock and kept thinking of the little grandson hugs waiting for me in Houston. Little Brooklyn can give huge open mouthed smiles and flap her hands, can grab my glasses and yank them off if I get to close, but has a tough time hugging the way John Jeffrey does! Give her time! She's only four months, after all!

Sean & Yohaira in Corpus Christi

We drove to Sean and Yohaira's lovely home on Christmas morning. They have a new home with four bedrooms! So Sean has his own mancave; Yohaira and I didn't see much of the men!!
We tried to watch a movie together but I mostly knit on my sweater and Yohaira cat napped. It was definitely a man's movie.
This is why Yohaira has been tired lately; that cute start of a tummy has her 8 week old baby (girl! haha; that's my prediction, not confirmed by the doctor yet) and is due August first.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feast of the Holy Family

Mommy Kristine is holding the camera or she would be nicely sandwiched between the little man and the great Daddy Jerome. Father Hahn at St. Philip in Corpus Christi said during this evening's homily that the family is how humans achieve sainthood. It's sometimes a lot of work to be patient when there is so much to do, when children are very young and needing constant attention, when the elder members are demanding in their own way. But......that is how many of us will achieve sainthood. Here is a man, father, husband, son (and perfect son-in-law), brother, uncle to be X 2 in 2011,......... here is a man on his way to sainthood.

Christmas Day Exhausted Best Daddy

Cooking with Three Generations

Christmas Day

Sean and Yohaira are settled in their new home and baby (my guess is a GIRL) is "due" on August first, 2011. Yay!!
We are relaxing at the Corpus Christi Compound, Sean and Yohaira's home.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Best Friend Forever

Fun Family Pictures

Being a Gramma is the best!!! I recommend it for everyone!
Brooklyn loves her toes and we all love Brooklyn AND her toes!

Cool cookbook for a Christmas present from Dad, Jeff, and yes, we sampled some of the recipes during our visit! Yummy!!

Brooklyn is the happiest infant ever, especially if you undress her little toes so she can grab them!
Playing in the kitchen; gramma and John Jeffrey are best friends forever.
There's a gingerbread house on the table. We made a mess!!
He loves chapstick, called "lips."
John Jeffrey can do everything! He hung a package decoration on the tree all by himself.

Helping Santa