Thursday, May 28, 2009

Knitting Count is Wrong!

I finished seven, if you include the red and white washcloth! Only the pink knit doll socks and the pink crocheted socks and the infant sweater are remaining. Yeah!

Nine Knitting Projects Continued!

There has been a bit of work on my nine projects. The finished ones are ready to sell or gift and you won't see them here again.

Here are all nine works in progress. The complete ones include: one yellow and striped cotton placemat, one snowflake green hat with lace edge, one blue bunny blankie, one green doll sweater, one pair of blue doll socks. That's six completed, only 3 more of this batch to finish.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Never Enough YARN

I was diving past the LYS and just had to stop! This sock yarn called me so it ended up coming home with me!

Need More Time to KNIT

I knit in the car while we were out and about but did NOT reach my goal of finishing three little projects yesterday. Here's what I did instead...................still want to add more embroidery to the smocked dress of my Mother's Day gift: Julie, from thoughtful daughter.

I did complete the dishcloth and green lace edged hat! That gave me encouragement to buy more yarn!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Nine Tiny Knitting Projects

I was looking for knitting needles and kept finding little knitting projects near my sewing area. One project is a crocheted dollie hat..................... today is Memorial Day and quiet so I will complete at least three of these little knits. That's a reasonable goal for a relaxing day. The placemat in yellow cotton is #3, an infant cardi of the Bernat self patterning, pink pearl cotton crochet hat, and pink pearl cotton socks for dolls, blue socks for dolls, green hat with lace edge, red dishcloth, green cardi for doll, and blue Bunny Blanket for a baby.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sock Yarn

I LOVE sock yarn and this even has aloe vera in it! Big kid and little kid returned home so I've returned to my needles.

Thing is Better Than Rollercoaster

A Ride in Thing

Hubby LOVES his 1974 VW Thing and took daughter for a ride with the top down.

Family Picture

More Park

Never Too Old for the Park

We were so busy!

Too Busy To Knit

My hands were a bit full to be able to manipulate knitting needles. This week was GREAT and when they leave, I'll quickly catch up on knitting projects.

Even Better Than Knitting

A few things in life are even better than knitting, yarn, more knitting.................... One of those things are our kids! It's the BEST when the big kids come visit, and so much fun when the big kids bring the little tag-a-longs. Right now we are blessed with one perfect tag-a-long and here he is! Elastic for new pajamas is a really fun toy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Introducing Thing

This is another view of Thing's special cloth. Also, in case you're very young, here is a 1974 VW Thing.

Thing Gets a Special Cloth

Hubby uses the cotton dishcloths all the time and is a great fan of my knitting. He also LOVES his 1974 VW Thing and requested a cloth with Thing's image. So, since we aren't artists, we googled the image and here is what I knit. We are pleased with the outcome but I know the next one will be even better.

FOs Are in Ravelry!

Yes, I actually have some finished objects. I'm not a knitter who casts on and then never finishes the project. However, I am a multitasker and have at least 15 projects going at once. YES, I own a LOT of knitting needles!! Check Ravelry under nomacustom if you ever wonder if I complete what I've cast on! Here are "big" socks for the little guy. He won't need them until Christmas when we get some chilly days here.

STILL Knitting -- Not Blogging!

Oops! I've stayed away from blogs and Ravelry so I could get some work done! Work for me is knitting............... It includes creating and selling doll clothes too but mostly knitting! I would not be me if I weren't trailing yarn from my hands, pockets, purse, etc. Projects are everywhere! Thanks to the next baby in the family being a girl (in October), I'm knitting pink! Am also knitting socks for the little guy because some day he will have to wear shoes. Not yet though! Not in South Texas!