Wednesday, November 30, 2016

COLD and Waiting for Snow

The water has frozen: it is 19 degrees!  La Nina is stingy with snow and we are sad because we love it so much!
 I'm wearing my big parka, two hats, wool knit gloves, then alpaca fingerless mitts over the gloves, and two shirts and a sweatshirt.  The beautiful woven scarf is a gift from a doll friend and very warm.

Christmas Decorations

We were so early and so in the mood to start our holidays that we decorated during the weekend.  It's hard to work with such fun on the horizon. My last class is December 16 and he plans to take at least two weeks off from work! Can't wait!

Working and Window Seat

 I'm supposed to be sewing 120 white undies for the sculptress of Little Darling.............
 but I am multi-tasking!  I'm doing both: undies on the left machine and quilted window seat
cushion on the right!  I've ordered the 40" zipper from etsy and plan to have seasonal cushions for fun and interest.  This is MY spot in the sunroom!

EXPENSIVE Broncos Knee Socks

He received his socks yesterday and is totally thrilled, tried to pay an extra $150.00 for the "work of art," is so happy one toe is orange and the other is navy, and thinks wearing these will help the Broncos win more often!

The man is over 6 feet tall with long narrow feet and asked for two years if I would knit these socks. I kept saying NO but when he persisted and said there was no deadline, paid $60 for me to go yarn shopping, what could I say? He said he "bullied" me. Ha!!! NOT! I love to knit, just don't do deadlines, and don't really like knitting sports attire.

As often, he brought me more labels for my doll clothes.  

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tweaking the Gas Fireplace

 The builders were to return and fix the logs so that we have three levels of flames.  Still waiting....

Doc carefully followed the chart and last night we had a higher flame.  Almost there!!

Christmas Decorating

 We are starting early this year! I'm not sure why but it feels right.

 Neighbors have also begun their Christmas decorating and Elf is a favorite.

He swore off hanging lights for quite a few years.  He's making up for it in 2016!!!

Grandchildren Are Cooks!

Happy Thanksgiving

At Mass, our new pastor, Fr. Chris, said that Thanksgiving is the most popular and favorite secular "and religious" holiday for adults!  It is "religious" because we are right to be thankful and grateful for all our many blessings.  Thankfully, it was not nearly as crowded as Christmas and Easter so there was plenty of parking and seating. The day began very chilly and then was sunny and moderate.
We made the turkey in the rotisserie again and Doc made fresh clover rolls and pumpkin pie.
 We dined in the sunroom!

Bob scored THREE helpings of nut cup filling!!!  We were too busy preparing the meal to even remember!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve

I finished a doll order for Riley Kish, 7.5" cutie!
Doc is painting the basement walls. He is cooking up a storm and the aroma in the house is delicious. 
 Candles are ready!
 We had frost and some ice in the water along the greenbelt but no snow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Almost Vacation

 Vacation is one of my favorite things, along with hubby, Thanksgiving in a few days, fireplace, knitting, new yarn bowls, coffee (served in special mug reminding me of our five awesome grands) on my new
bay window seat, snow, trying to snow, walking in this funny snow/rain mixture, and
seeing a few snowflakes in my garden. We have such a wonderful life! I love Thanksgiving!!