Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pumpkin Hat Stem

I knit an icord for the stem. It can be used for little hands to hang onto the hat, to pull it off, and to THROW it! After all, aren't pumpkins like toys and meant to THROW?

Grandson's Latest Hat

Rudolph hat is well used and sometimes needs to go into the washing machine. Pumpkin hat, mailed to baby last week, is a nice substitute while Rudolph is cleaning his nose and ear nubs!

January Knitting

It's cold here in South Texas! I'm knitting more socks and also more hats for little Grandson. Here are the socks for Daddy, already received via the mail.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Knitting Helper

Roxy is still a baby and has to know everything! She's supervising the baby leggings that I'm creating as I go along. I've increased on the back of the leg and might try the inner leg seam next time.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Kid and Little Grandson

The holidays went so quickly! We are already missing our kids, big and small. Alas, everyone is back to work!

Hand Knit Socks Goal

Last year I knit 20 pairs of adult socks. This year I plan to knit 24 pairs. Here are the first. For ME! Then I started a pair for my favorite son in law.

Yarn for New Baby's Leggings

I wanted to try a leggings pattern with our first grandbaby but just never got around to it. Here's hoping we get a baby girl to go with big brother!

Wonderful Knitting Distraction!

This is my favorite distraction!! Notice the knitting project nearby!

Knitting Distraction

Elsa's New Hat

A teacher friend requested a warm hat and I got to choose the pattern and yarn. It's wool of course! She loves it!!

Already a Fun 2010

This year is already going well! I'm knitting and yes, have purchased more yarn. Yes, knitting at the Garcia Library is still very popular and last night we had a darling young middle school boy knitter for the first time. He's been knitting for a month, learned via the internet, and blended in so well with the little girl knitters (ranging in age from 7-19) and older knitters (ranging in ages 23-85).

The Garcia Library also now has a volunteer to teach crocheting to interested persons of all ages. She came last night and was warmly welcomed by all.

And yes, there is a new grandbaby in the works for our family so I'm looking at infant styles so this baby will be well dressed from birth.

I do wish all a very happy, safe, and prosperous New Year. I also hope to get a few more people hooked on needlework this year!