Monday, August 31, 2015

Gregor Celebrates Rain

He loves this view from Santa's Workshop and I LOVE having all three machines in perfect working order!

Garden Is Preparing for Autumn

The Northern Catalpa has pale green leaves on the South side. 
We started preparing the garden for Fall and tore out lots of tall sunflowers this weekend.
 poinsettia in the forefront, gold cosmos in the back
 I dont know if this poinsettia will survive winter but I can try!!

Starting a New Knitting Project

The motivational speaker last night was very entertaining's hard to sit for 1 1/2 hours without sticks in my hands so I cast on a replacement sweater for me.  I knit 8" to the back of my new black cardigan; the 20 year old "black cardigan" is looking rather sad and pilly so needs to retire.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Work Gathering This Evening

The food was abundant and decadent! We rarely work evenings; the guest motivational speaker was awesome. About 200 employees were there, including my supervisor, who brought me Aran wool from her recent trip to England and Ireland.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Viking Is Home!

This guy is AWESOME, has a Brother Dreamweaver and long arm quilting machine and his wife has a Viking.  He picked up my machine on Monday and it's back and sewing in Santa's Workshop already!
The bobbin case had incorrect tension and he recommends this brand of thread as opposed to my usual Dual Duty Coats and Clark.  Okay! Got it!!!

Party At The Barn Tonight

He had few requests and we can honor all!!  Depending on the school district and curriculum used, we only do "units" or "ones" place these days for candles. It works for us!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Early Visitor, Afternoon Sprinkle

So, Loretta came by after her early walk for a quick sewing lesson and we are guessing these pink blossoms volunteered from Becky's garden at the top of the hill.  I love them!!!  Bunnies are still nibbling my plants but there don't seem to be as many.  
The light rain lasted less than a minute!!! We re supposed to get more at 8:00 PM but Birthday Boy and I go to bed at that hour!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Knitting for Cute Feet

 These two pair are on their way to Texas.  The cute feet belong to a two year old Princess and a 4 year old Chatterbox, aka grandchildren.
The 2 and 7/8 finished socks are for Princess, age 5, and then I get to start some for the boys.  The blue stripe (21st pair of child socks in 2015) will be for the oldest grandson, part of the skein from Chatterbox.  Yes, I love to knit and I LOVE these five grandchildren!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Husqvarna Viking Needs a Doctor

My older "baby" is 25 years old and has been well used! It sews three stitches perfectly, then makes a little snap sound, and pauses.  I don't do pause!!!!!!  Ever!!!!!!  The stitch definition is still gorgeous and I'm hoping the repairman can give me a few more years of use.  Otherwise, this is the second machine that I've worn out!!  I always thought I was the only one ever to wear out a machine (Bernina no less!) until I met a lovely seamstress/quilter/designer at Rocky Mountain Sewing.  Nope! I'm not alone!!

New Surface and Stripes

 The potholes were filled over and over; finally this month we have new surface and yesterday they painted the white lines.
I walked this morning in 66 degrees; this afternoon it is 93 degrees and the house is 73! No air conditioning and Santa's Workshop is quite cool.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunny and 90 Degrees Outside

Downstairs, it is 2:50 in the afternoon and 72 degrees! No air conditioning is needed yet! I'm upstairs in Santa's Workshop, usually very warm by now, and it's rather chilly for me.


Lots of people knit or know how to knit.  I, however, am a KNITTER and knit lots every day.  It's often socks for family, sweater for me, and lots of doll clothes.  The picture shows a vest, cap and matching socks for Gregor that are just about done!

Fast Weekend

Doc is removing some of the insulation from the whole house fan!  There was TOO MUCH and the blades couldn't rotate!  He fixed it!
 Then he made votive candles...................
 hung cute pictures....................
 so that the grand in the top bunk could have a fun view...............................
 Meanwhile, I gardened, aka "played in dirt."

Too much stuff remains in the basement but it's all 4' away from the perimeter so the complete basement people can do their magic in November.  Thanks to the damp floors from Spring, it's not a fun place in which to relax.  I'm finding a few items that got wet so alas..............some of our excess (yup, we have too much stuff!) is being discarded.  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Garden and Raking Leaves

 This pink Cosmos is either from Julie's yard across the street, or from the box of 100 seeds from the Dollar Tree!
 These Cosmos are from Grampa Bob in 1992; every year I gather seeds.
 It's so trying to be Autumn!