Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jeff NOT Working!

He's supervising the football games!

Pam is Working!

Pam is very busy preparing the seeds for baking.

Yes, it looks rather messy but oh so tasty about thirty minutes later!!

Glowing Pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving

Go, Steph!!! The younger generation is so creative with carving; you can certainly tell who carved the simple and traditional designs!
Ethan is carving a surprise and is hard at work! We didn't even mess up Pam's gorgeous wood table!

Michigan Relatives

Marie and Edge, my cousins from Norway, Michigan, are visiting their daughter, Donna, who now lives in Denver. Jeff and I drove up from Centennial and enjoyed a lovely two hours with them before continuing on to Ft. Collins. I wish you all could see Donna's lovely renovated home with gorgeous wood accents from her Dad.

Cameraman and My Camera

Jeff was using my camera to get a family picture. We have lots of family represented; it was a fun gathering!

Little Knitter in Action


Little Knitter

She's nine years old, she's beautiful, and she's already a fantastic knitter!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sweater Fits Too Well

Oops! In spite of adding three inches to the torso for this custom fit for my tall grandson, the sweater is too good a fit!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cutest Little Pumpkins!

More Mountain Views

Oh, WOW!

God is the best designer, most wonderful artist, most generous gift giver! Yes, the Gulf of Mexico is very pretty but Jeff and I were so ready for a change in climate and views. We are most thankful for all of His goodness!!

Wednesday's Sewing

This is my "stirring helper" doing his magic when I visited in August 2010.

I finished a cute corduroy jumper for display and then this apron which will one day be worn by my "stirring helper." It's a size large/child and I'm sure we both will use it a LOT.

Wednesday's Work

My sweater is gorgeous; too bad I'm knitting so many other projects at the same time! I could be wearing this, under my jacket!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Hands!!

He's a happy man with happy hands! Winter has arrived and these gloves are none too soon!
The dark burgundy is a closer color but the hands express so well that I had to include both photos!!

"Are My Gloves Knit Yet?"

NO! Use your pockets!

Class Project

Here's an interesting way to use a zipper! This evening clutch is for tomorrow's class. The green center is half a zipper!! I couldn't resist the little ladybug button to add playfulness to an evening on the town. The outer fabric is printed corduroy and it's lined in green printed cotton (sorry, forgot to photo that!).

Mystery Cloth is Blocked

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mystery Cloth

Knit, photographed, posted, and now is being blocked. Even without blocking, the design is apparent.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cuff of Sock

Loving these needles! The yarn is really fun too.

First Sock on Square Dpns

The heel is knit and I'm knitting the gussets. I LOVE square dpns!!

The first sock is going quickly. It helped that we did some errands and consequently drove around yesterday with me, the passenger, knitting as usual. This morning, after breakfast, I read my book and knit some more. Then again, a wee bit at the park.

Sunday at the Park, Missing John Jeffrey

This park is designed for children and we saw a few while here, running down the hill, playing on the fun equipment, and kicking a soccer ball. There are dogs and their owners also traipsing along the pathways. We really like our lunches here while the weather allows. It's not too cool yet.

Grampa decided that this fun ride is designed for smaller bodies, like John Jeffrey's.
The slide is for little bodies and larger ones. I wish John Jeffrey were here!

This specially picked pine cone is for John Jeffrey. I hope you'll like a pine cone from Denver.

I'm knitting on Jeff's socks, enjoying lunch, and missing John Jeffrey. He would LOVE this park!

Grampa is wearing his hat eventhough the picnic table is in the shade.