Friday, September 30, 2011

My Brave, Best Buddy

Not fun yet; he has IV, orange blankie, goldfish, told me about his popsicle and big ouchie, and that he is watching Thomas. We miss you, little grandson!

More Pumpkin Hats

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Subaru Wash

Forester Wash Video

Wishing We Were Closer

On Saturday, John Jeffrey and Jerome drove us to Dulles to return to Denver. John Jeffrey said, "See the leaves of the trees changing to yellow?" "Then it is winter and we go to Gramma/Grampa's house in Denver."On Sunday, little grandson was admitted into the hospital for hsp, and is so miserable. One of Jeff's work study youths remembers having it as a two year old and still remembers how awful it was.

Just a few days ago we were being rowdy and making "the best muffins ever."

Fun In The Tent With Grands

I'm not so sure Brooklyn likes tent as much as John Jeffrey and I do!! Jeff is surprised it has lasted for so many years; first in the second grade classroom and then with my Buddy, and now little Sis.

Yes, She Works

and also bakes delicious cookies!

Wee Bit of Personal Sewing

I LOVE these cloth books and took a couple of hours this morning to start working on this book for the grands. Then I had to sew something for the doll business so will finish this next week, maybe.

Mailed Quilt #1

It is adorable and mailed this morning with priority shipping.
I still need to register it at in memory of my baby son who spent lots of overnights in hospitals and often "lost" his favorite blanket in the hospital laundry. Since he turned age eight, our son continues to be a perfectly healthy boy. Yay!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

John Jeffrey Knitting

MoonDough With Daddy And Gramma

John Jeffrey is sitting near the piano but too small to see.


Attack Doggies: Pitt (Laika) and Zoe

Knitting While Traveling

I knit this much on two four-hour flights (Denver IA to Dulles and return) and while hanging in the airports. Since our return, I haven't touched these socks!! My dolls have called me!

Starting Fall

soon more Cosmos seeds
pumpkin trying to grow
new melon; rest of plant looks sort of dead
leaves changing colors

Jeff's Pasta Salad

It is as delicious as it is colorful.

Skype With Daughters And Knitting

This is what I knit today while skyping with both daughters.
Baby Alexander (2 months) and Brooklyn (13 months) are expert at Skype already.