Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quiet Evening

Gramma, they are TOO SMALL

He insisted they were too small and did not give them a second thought until today when Mommy helped him examine the fit.  "I love them!" He has worn them constantly, for tech, for breakfast, and advised that I should knit a pair for Brooklyn (age 3).

Wii Games

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Carving Turkey and Relaxing

Gussow Family of Five

 Brother is eating a snack in the other room; soon to join the four.
Go, August, grow!!! 

Preparation: Turkey and Pies

 Kristine baked the pies.  Thank you!!
Jeff trussed the bird and settled it in the rotisserie.

Family Football

Happy Thanksgiving

At Mass this morning, Fr. David reminded us that "a grateful heart is a happy heart." 

Funny Family

 Mid afternoon snacks!

 Grampa was trying to share information and little Brooklyn was interrupting so he covered her mouth!
 She learned the method quickly!!

Her favorite things: naked and decorating a Christmas Tree