Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yarn Shopping

Now this was fun! One can't always enjoy the feel of great fiber through the eyes and body language of a ten month old! If you are ever in Houston, visit Yarns2Ewe and I promise, you will be happy the GPS took you there so quickly. You'll need awhile to wander. The place is huge and has everything a fiber/knitting enthusiast could want.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sampling New Wine

Imagine an outdoor jazz concert in the background, imagine the photographer (me!) laying down knitting needles to take this picture, and then imagine the taste of a new wine. Jeff is recording the wine on his cell memo option but I like the visual cues better!

Assorted Yarns From Madison

Each yarn shop tempted me and I bought as much as I could squeeze into the suitcase. You can see, I couldn't resist starting a pair of new socks!!

Farmers' Markets

Pictures say it all! The produce and abundance of flowers were wonderful to admire and to buy! I couldn't resist bringing flowers to our room in the Hilton.

More Knitting in Public

Thanks to frequent gentle rains, the area was lush and filled with gorgeous flowers and vegetables. Knitting in the garden on a rooftop is such fun!

Off the Beaten Path

My favorite shop new Madison is Off the Beaten Path in Monona, Wisconsin. Check out their fabulous website too! It was cold and a perfect day to shop for wool and cotton yarns!

The Knitting Tree

There are some fabulous yarn shops in Madison. I found some great sock yarn here!

Knitting in Public

Hubby and I flew to Madison for his annual conference. Here we are sampling Chedder Brew Soup at a local restaurant and brewery. Fun! See the yarn?