Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still Green, Still Have Squirrels

Hail, Massage, Sewing, Grilling

Fall is trying to act like Fall; we had some sprinkles but no hail of 1 1/3" like the Denver area received.  It was quite chilly on my morning walk. Welcome Fall!
While in Santa's Workshop, the pavement had drops and then it rained late afternoon; I could hear it above the music during my massage.  Lisa rid me of some knots (probably from always sewing and knitting!) and when I got home, Doc was making tilapia on the grill.
Due to cooler weather, I'm sewing lots of overalls and knit accessories; listed on ebay and etsy.  I also found much needed doll lingerie elastic on etsy! Yeah!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Flu Shots Are Available

It's still summer here but I got my flu shot today.  The band aid is boring!  I wanted a Minion band aid!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Welcome Indian Summer

We had a record WET late winter and spring, and now a record spell of dry (drought!) with super low humidity.  It's not uncommon to be 7% humidity!  Today it will reach 90 degrees!   
 peach jam
 tons of split wood just waiting for cooler weather
 strawberry jam
 a few leaves seem to have been affected by the flash freeze that also killed apple trees
 the front garden is trying to die out but a few blossoms remain

 Cosmos are awesome, still!
 These pink blooms continue and I'm watching the dead blooms so I can harvest seeds.
strawberry jam; we counted the pops!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Knitting for Dolls

 Those teeny red mittens are first draft for Ann Estelle's hands.  Michael tells me they are a comfy fit.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope Francis at Regis University

Doc is hanging with the 266th Pope!

I'm hanging with dolls in Santa's Workshop!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pampering MOI

The burgundy tweed is the gift from Ireland from my supervisor.  She is not a knitter but chose 30 grams of a gorgeous wool tweed that I mixed with two other cream wool yarns so I could knit the hat my length. It can be worn as a slouchy or as a cap with band folded up to have two layers over the ears.  

Pampering the Barn

Our recent energy efficiency audit recommended using these.
Once a year, we use the steamer to clean the grout of the kitchen and entry ways tile.  What a difference it makes!
Doc started the sealing and when his knees complained, I took over.  Yes, it was a quick and easy project.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Making Apple Juice

Doc is making apple juice and also made applesauce from the "unjuiced" apples.  We had to buy granny smith apples from Costco via Yakima since there are no apples in Colorado this year.  Some orchards even have damaged trees from the freeze; our Honey Crisp is very healthy, just sans apples!

Split Wood and Wool

 The stack on the right is split and ready for use!
My new wool hat is nearly finished.  The burgundy is aran wool from Ireland and not enough for the entire hat.  I like stripes anyway!!

Splitting Wood

Last year he split wood in the garage.  This fall he has two mopeds in the garage that he is restoring.

Front Gardens in 42 Degrees

We have so much sun in Colorado! Cosmos, red yarrow, and the pink flowers from Becky's yard are all still blooming well.  The one thing I miss most about winter is being able to dig in the dirt!

Dinner On The Grill

Fall is here on some days and evenings.  He cooked in 72 degrees and by the time our meal was ready to eat, it was a chilly 68 degrees.  We ate inside!

Yesterday I removed most of the sage and trimmed mint and edible flowers.  The garden bits are ready for mulching.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Project for This Weekend

No Loose Dogs

Yesterday, I walked out of the front door to find two loose dogs running down our street!  I went back inside to get my defender stick, a wooden cane, and continued my morning walk.  The dogs were also running along the greenbelt! I avoided them; I never trust a strange dog or dogs.
 Little ice plants are doing well.
 There's not as much water, but still plenty in Lake Ketner.
 The tree people were able to finish downing the dead tree.

 This view is at the top of our street.
 Dennis does not claim these!  Wonder to whom they belong?!
 These are the pink flowers that transplanted into my front yard.
They are welcome to stay! I'm watching for seeds to form so I can have MORE next year!
Doc did the Fall weed and feed from Scotts and the lawn is gorgeous!